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Alternative Education

Alternative programs are for students who need or desire an alternative instructional approach. These programs allow students to complete high school in a productive and purposeful way. To enroll in an alternative program, students must be recommended by an administrator.


Alternative Education Referral Process

Alternative Education Student Application

Valor Fact Sheet


To apply for the program, see your guidance counselor. 

For more information, contact Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall, Guidance Counselor for Valor and Independent Studies, at 408-354-2520 x295, or at chodginmarshall@lgsuhsd.org.

If your child has an IEP, please contact your case manager for more information.

Staff Contacts


Contact Position Extension Email
Darlene Norman Principal x 232 dnorman@lgsuhsd.org
Cathy Gerth Registrar/Staff Secretary x 223 cgerth@lgsuhsd.org
Julie Ciraulo-Ray Teacher x 307 jciraulo-ray@lgsuhsd.org
David Denight Teacher/ Dept. Chair x 308 ddenight@lgsuhsd.org
Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall Guidance Counselor x 295 chodginmarshall@lgsuhsd.org
Charles Carlisle  Teacher x 312 ccarlisle@lgsuhsd.org
Valerie Waagen Student Therapist x 306 vwaagen@lgsuhsd.org
Jane Bahou Student Therapist x316 jbahou@lgsuhsd.org

Home Hospital

This program is for students who are unable to attend the regular school program for health reasons. A physician’s note is required.

Independent Study/Credit Recovery

Students meet regularly with an independent studies teacher to receive course assignments and take tests. Students in this program must be highly responsible and self-motivated to complete their work independently.



Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall, 408-354-2520 x295

Santa Clara Alternative Schools Department

The Santa Clara County Office of Education provides educational programs for students who are under court supervision or who are not attending regular school for a variety of reasons. The program emphasizes academic competency as well as behavior improvement.

For more information, contact Dr. Heidi Reyes, Director Student Services, at 371-0960, ex. 2016 or hreyes@cuhsd.org.